Q: Who is the founder of Books to Benefit?

A: That would be author, editor, and publisher Brian James Freeman.

Q: Who is Brian James Freeman?

A: Brian sold his first short story in 1994 when he was fourteen years old, and he soon started working with authors and publishers to develop their online marketing plans when the Internet was still just a thing you could sometimes reach with AOL. Since graduating college in 2002, he has worked for Cemetery Dance Publications, where he has been involved in every aspect of acquiring, editing, marketing, and publishing more than 100 collectible books by the biggest names in horror and suspense. He’s also the managing editor of Cemetery Dance magazine and the publisher of Lonely Road Books.

Q: Has he worked with any authors I might have heard of before?

A: Here are just a few: Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, Clive Barker, William Peter Blatty, Stewart O’Nan, Gillian Flynn, Scott Smith, Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan, Max Brooks, Michael Koryta, Justin Cronin, Frank Darabont, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Bentley Little, Mick Garris, and many others.

Q: Why did Brian found Books to Benefit?

A: Brian has worked to develop Books to Benefit for more than five years now because he wanted to do something with his publishing skills to raise funds for good causes. The timing had never been quite right to move forward, but then the perfect book came along and all of the stars aligned to push the idea past the finish line and into a real, operating press.

Q: I don’t get it. Why not just send out a newsletter promoting these organizations that need funds instead of spending money to publish books to raise funds for them?

A: Sending out a newsletter (or asking people to share a link on Facebook) is easy… and also gets very little done. Since Brian started laying the groundwork for Books to Benefit, he’s been hearing that donations are down for almost every organization that depends on public support to accomplish their mission. The goal for Books to Benefit is to produce a beautiful and collectible special edition book that will also generate funds for a good cause.  Collectors are not just handing over a donation in exchange for a thank you note in return, they’re getting something special back that will hold a prized place in their book collection and have resale value if they ever decide to part with it.

Q: Why should I buy one of your books instead of contributing directly to the organization?

A: If you have a specific amount you’d like to donate to one of the organizations we work with, Brian definitely recommends using the DONATE DIRECTLY link on the product page for their book. That’s the very best way to donate right now so that all of the funds are going directly to the organization. If you do want a beautiful special edition book that also generates a donation to the organization, please visit our books page to see what is available right now. Either way, your help is greatly appreciated!